•  January, 2018, Margaret rescues two Berners, Umi and Gunther.
  • November, 2018, Margaret's rescue Berner, Rubin, dies after 11+    years.  He was a beautiful, athletic dog and we will miss watching his easy lope across the fields.
  • December, 2018, Clark brings new pup, Exuberant Fridolin vom     Schexhof, across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World.
  • May, 2019, Clark and Fridolin at National Specialty in Brainerd, MN
  • May, 2019, Clark and Fridolin visit New Glarus, Wisconsin.  Favorites: The Swiss Historical Village, Chalet Landhaus Inn, Baumgartner's Restaurant and the Roth Alp and Dell Cheese Store in Monroe.  Fridolin especially liked the Two Beers Brewery in New Glarus where Berners get heaps of attention while their owners drink excellent beer.  Many thanks to cousin Ann Marie Ott. 
  • August 25 to September 1, 2019,  Wilhelm Tell Festival 2019 in New Glarus, Wisconsin.   Click this link for information!