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Canine and Equine Rescue

My husband, John Heidal, and I make unfortunate dogs into fortunate dogs.

Duke can't be ridden but he will spend the rest of his natural days on our farm but maybe not at the picnic table.

Organic Cut Flowers & Arrangements

Dog House Flowers

Our cut flower arrangements are locally grown and organic.   

Go to Dog House Flowers.

Flower arrangements are frequently available at the Close to Home Espresso in Key Center, WA.

Gourmet, Farm Fresh Catering

For more information:  Go to Dog House Flowers

Close to Home Espresso in Key Center

The Close to Home Espresso in Key Center, WA, serves humans as well as dogs.   Lose your dog?  Bring a photo for our Doggie Lost and Found Book.  

Enjoying Life, Nature and Our Dogs.


Puget Sound and Mount Ranier